Passive Income RV Lifestyle

Imagine Living Life DifferentlY

We had a dream to travel and be able to work anywhere with an internet connection. We wanted to work around our life, not live around our work.  Currently, we travel the country for 6 months a year in our RV exploring this beautiful country. We did that by creating multiple income streams of passive income that fund our RV adventures.
We Live Different & You Can TOO!!!
The Different Life is ...  
  • Taking actionable steps to build a life of flexibility and travel
  • Allowing your money to work for you, so we buy back our precious time
  • Living the life God has planned for you & taking that leap of faith
  • Working around your life, not living around your work
  • Creating multiple streams of income
  • Enjoying life the way we want and not missing the precious moments of life while stuck in an office
  • Following your dreams and taking steps to make them your reality
Are You READY to Live Different?
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less stress, more balance and better finances.
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