Our journey with Crypto School at STF Academy
I remember the days when I thought I knew what Crypto was, I knew how to set up a wallet, stumble around on pancake swap for the latest metaverse S#it coin project, and thought that was what you did to make money in this space. In hindsight, I was nothing more than what we call "an exit liquidity provider", the retail investor who bought on FOMO going up and sold on FUD when it was going down. 

When a friend told us that one of the world's best traders on Binance was opening up an education platform and community for teaching trading and Defi, and it was a lifetime membership opportunity they had my attention. After about thirty minutes of hearing what this guy was all about and his vision to build the world's first Decentralized Crypto trading school, before I knew it we were buying our lifetime membership NFTs, and on the community discord every day.
It didn't take long to realize that this guy was doing very big things, and his offer was exactly what he said it was, the "deal of a lifetime" JC explained that he had one hundred lifetime member positions that included an ongoing education within the community for as long as it existed, I immediately secured the 36th minted Wolf of Alt Street NFT, and Tara got #37. 

I remember first joining discord was a little intimidating, these guys were posting screenshots of winning trades that made any other way of making money suddenly seem lame, they were killing it and I had no idea what I was even looking at other than massive gains. 
However, I did know what they were achieving was real and that they were willing to teach me, which gave me a sense of ease. These guys make it almost impossible not to feel confident with all the support they provide, I was blown away by the daily zoom calls having JC personally go over the market and share the opportunities that only the masters know how to find. I found myself teleported from a world of s#it coins and meme tokens into the real world of trading on OKX and PerpDex Protocols like GNS and Uniswap. 

Just being in these morning zooms with JC and the rest of the instructors at STF will make you money. JC spotted the potential of Gains Network at around 63 cents and anyone who took his advice got to enjoy a very nice payday. 

I felt both my excitement and confidence increase a little bit each and every week as I progressed through the trading course, Start To Finish JC built our knowledge from the ground up, and before I knew it we were doing things like placing shorts on decentralized exchanges with 10x leverage and learning secret formulas for sourcing longterm staking projects, and although I'm still a long way from being anything close to an expert trader or Guru in the Defi space, STF has gotten me further than I ever thought would be possible on my own. JC and the instructors opened my eyes to what can be done in the Crypto space and are teaching us how to thrive in any market condition, all we need is a little volatility and we can literally make money anywhere, which is very important for someone traveling around in an RV. 

Will I ever graduate? I don't think any of us will, we are early adopters in a rapidly changing environment, it's the equivalent of being into the internet in the 1980s and where trying to find the future Amazon.com while they’re still just selling books, however with STF in our corner, I know that we have a shot to really make it big this time around. 

If you’re serious about making money in the crypto space we strongly encourage you to take a look at STF Academy and check out their free content. There's so much potential to build real wealth in crypto, you just need to know where to start.
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